Outdoor Explorers

Ages: 8-12

August 12-15, 2019

9 am to 3 pm (Mon-Thur)

Mystery and adventure will fill this year's Outdoor Explorers camp, igniting curiosity and wonder in kids that heed the call of the wild. Early explorers relied on vague maps, fabled stories, and imagination to guide their expeditions, taking them into unknown depths of the natural world.  Today, the spirit of adventure will be our guide.  Through the interpretation of treasure maps, deciphering coded messages, and tracing the old passageways of ancient explorers and native peoples, the secrets of the Pacific Northwest will be revealed.


We will spend four-days meandering through caves, climbing above nearby mountainsides, and uncovering many hidden treasures of beautiful Trout Lake, WA. This camp will incorporate field games, scavenger hunts, geocaching and wilderness travel. What lies at the end of the rainbow is yet to be disclosed.  In the end, let the journey be the destination!

Dates: Monday,August 12-Thursday, August 15, 2019

Time: 9 am to 3 pm

Ages: 8-12

Activities: Building mini rafts, sloshing in creeks, hiking, games

Instructor: Kelly O'Dowd, Environmental Educator & Outdoor Leader

Location: Forest Campus, Mt. Adams Institute, Trout Lake, WA.

Cost: $300 per student plus fee for optional transportation.

Optional Shuttle: There is optional transportation for students from Hood River, OR and Bingen, WA for an additional fee. The payment for the optional shuttle is $12.50/day or $50/week per student.


Kelly O'Dowd

Environmental Educator & Outdoor Leader

Kelly grew up as the middle daughter of a big family in New Jersey. She graduated college with a degree in International Relations and Anthropology. Her interest in the global network of people and places led her to an environmental study abroad experience and her own independent travel adventures. These experiences began to shape a passionate steward of the environment, driven by the curiosity to understand our world. Kelly has worked with children in traditional and experiential capacities over the years and enjoys the chance to share her love of nature through outdoor education in all CMS programs. Kelly moved to Washington two years ago to join the CMS team, where she shares her excitement for exploring new environments and personal growth with students of any age.


Cascade Mountain School, a program of Mt. Adams Institute

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